Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We've been reviewed - ThriftyRecessionista

Thanks to Thrifty Recessionista for reviewed our jacket collection :))
~Tangerine Loft~
p/s : Thriftyrecessionista is a new blog reviewer...
they review online blog sells pre-loved & items below RM50...
and i really luv their tagline too.. "thrifty recessionista, Broke & Glamorous"
**in recession time, we broke but doesnt mean we can't be glamourous.rite gurls.:))

We've been reviewed - Fashion clicks

Thanks darl for the reviewed
your undying support from beginning til now...
appreciate it so much...

p/s: fashion-clicks.blogspot.com is a blog reviewer and seriously it is likes a 1-stop place for you to find varieties of exciting online blog overthere...
so gurls out there....why wait..???
go and browse now----------->